Big, Beautiful
Bay Window.

With a huge firebox and an immense viewing area, the Delta 2 is the largest member of the RSF fireplace family. The bay window design lets you experience the warming glow of that big, beautiful fire in every corner of the room… and from every angle.

If you want to feel the heat throughout your whole home, the Delta 2 incorporates all of the ducting options RSF has to offer. Send that heat to different zones in your home, duct it into the furnace plenum for distribution through your central heating system’s ductwork, or duct it into an adjoining space. Whether you choose to heat one room or your whole house, the Delta 2 fireplace provides the horsepower you need to do the job.

Heat, warmth and beauty… what more could you ask for in a fireplace?

This fireplace is certified for use with 8" ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.

  • Large 4.4 cubic foot firebox that easily holds 24” logs.

  • The optional firescreen enables the Delta 2 to be burned with the glass door open when you want to enjoy the radiant warmth and crackle of a real wood fire.

  • Beautifully sculptured, hand made firebrick lining.

  • Tested by a certified EPA facility to burn as clean as an EPA Phase II wood heater at 3.8 grams per hour.

The RSF Comfort Advantage

Comfort is our specialty. We customize heat distribution from a wood fireplace throughout the home, including the basement. When the household temperature is tailored for a family at minimal cost and maximum efficiency, we call that the RSF Comfort Advantage.

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Delta 2 - Big, Beautiful
Bay Window

Technical specs

General Specifications

Outside Dimensions

48¼"W X 48"H X 25½"D

Weight (ship wt add 70 lb)

550 lb

Firewood Length


Firebox Size

4.4 cubic feet

Heating Capacity

1,500 to 3,000 ft2


8" Excel

Door Finish

Black, Pewter or 24K Gold Plated

Outside Air

4", meets R2000

Mobile Home Approved



BTU Output Range

10,000 to 70,000

EPA Certification