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The RSF Built-in Advantage

RSF fireplaces are built into the wall to provide a fireplace ambiance with the heat of a wood stove or furnace. Reduce your heating bills and enjoy the atmosphere only a beautiful fire can offer, all while staying prepared for storms and power outages.

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The Best Backup Heat Source

When all else fails, you can count on a real wood fire. Without heat, power outages or major storms can quickly become disasters. With an RSF fireplace and a few candles, you can turn misadventure into memorable episode! When storms rage and power lines go down, your family can stay warm, cozy, and safe around a real wood fire.

Sustainability and Efficiency

RSF Fireplaces are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.
Since all RSF models meet the most stringent standards for emissions, using wood for heat means burning less fossil fuel, emitting less greenhouse gas, and promoting a healthier environment.

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